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Master of Arts in K-12 Educational Administration - East Lansing

The K-12 EAD masters program on the MSU campus in East Lansing has traditionally been a totally face to face program. Faculty of the MA courses have come to realize the benefits of hybrid instruction for their adult learners and so the on campus program will offer all program courses in hybrid or online format beginning Fall 2014. This move intends to utilize exciting new learning technologies and to make graduate studies more convenient for more students.  The hybrid course format for core courses combines face to face meetings with online learning activities.


We maintain the same fall schedule, with EAD 806 and EAD 811 meeting on the same night every 2-4 weeks at our East Lansing location on the MSU campus. EAD 812 is taught in the same format. 

The Masters program involves 21 credits of core studies and 9 credits of elective studies. Core studies are taught as an integrated sequence though the semesters when particular courses are offered sometimes vary.

Year 1 Core
The Year 1 Core is delivered as an integrated block
Fall 1 Spring 1
EAD 806
The Evolving Practice of School Leaders EAD 812
Inquiry and Analysis of School Organizations
EAD 811
 Inquiry and Analysis of Teaching and Learning    
Year 2 Core
Fall 2 Spring 2
EAD 820
3 credits
School Leadership Internship (register Fall, stretches across Fall and Spring)
EAD 853
3 credits
Educational Finance and Resource Allocation EAD 822
3 credits
Engaging Diverse Students & Families
    EAD 852
3 credits

Students select three electives fitted to their goals and interests, in consulation with their advisors. Below are some appropriate electives.

Offered Credits

EAD 801

Leadership and Organizational Development (Online) Fall 3.0
EAD 824 Leading Teacher Learning (Online in Fall) Summer or Fall 3.0
EAD 830 Urban Education: Racial Achievement Gap (Online) Spring 3.0
EAD 850

Multicultural Education (Online)

Spring 3.0
EAD 860

Concept of a Learning Society (Online)

Fall 3.0
EAD 861

Adult Learning (Online)

Fall 3.0
EAD 863

Training & Professional Development (Online)

Fall 3.0
EAD 864

Adult Career Development (Online)

Fall 3.0

EAD 881

Serving Needs of All Learners (online) Summer 3.0

   Note: In consulation with advisors, students can choose other electives, including special 

              topics classes that are frequently offered during summer sessions.