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Doctor of Educational Leadership (Ed.D.) Application Process

Applications to the Doctor of Educational Leadership (DEL) in K-12 Educational Administration are considered until March 1 for the coming fall.

Required Application Materials

NOTE for Prospective Students: We are pleased to announce a new Online Graduate Education application portal. As you submit your application materials, please follow the Ed.D. Application process.

Follow these steps to ensure a complete application:

Please note: To apply, first submit your application to the Graduate School. After you submit your completed application, you will receive an email to upload your application materials to the Graduate Education Application Portal. You will need your applicant ID number and password you created when you completed your application to the Graduate School.

  1.  Complete the online MSU Graduate School application, including the following:
    1. Online graduate study application for admission (EAD K-12 Ed.D. Program Code is 6752 ).
    2. Pay $65 application fee.
    3. Academic statement and personal statement of purpose
    • The graduate school asks for an academic statement and personal statement of purpose. Under each field, please enter "Please see my personal statement uploaded on the supplemental application system"  
  2. Complete the Online Graduate Education application portal:
    1. Provide information for three recommenders. The applicant should choose  persons who are familiar with his or her academic and/or professional abilities and those individuals writing reference letters should be encouraged to be as specific as possible in their comments.
    2. Upload a PDF version of your resume listing each activity that accounts for your time since earning a bachelor’s degree (e.g., employment, military service, travel). Be sure to include the type of activity, name of your employer, city/state, and dates. List the most recent activity first.
    3. Upload your PDF version of your personal statement.This required statement should describe: how the applicant's professional and educational experiences have influenced the desire to pursue graduate study, the broader, long-term career interests of the applicant and how the K-12 program relates to those interests, and the applicant's goals and objectives for graduate study. This statement is used to determine if the applicant's goals are consistent with those of the program and to assess the clarity and coherence of the applicant's writing.
    4. Provide a writing sample that best represents the analytic and integrative thinking of the applicant. Examples of material might include research papers completed for a graduate class, grant proposals, research reports or other professional writing, or published articles.
  4. Supply scores from Graduate Record Examination taken within the last five years (MSU's ETS Institution Code is R1465).
  5. Send one copy of official transcript showing any confirmed Bachelor's degrees (and Master's degree, if obtained) from an accredited institution. If confirmed degree is not stated on the transcript, provide a certified copy of the degree certificate.

    K-12 Educational Administration
    c/o K-12 EAD Admissions Assistant

    Department of Educational Administration
    Erickson Hall
    620 Farm Lane Rm. 402
    East Lansing, MI 48824-1034

    Phone:  (517) 353-8480 / Fax: (517) 884-1392


International Students

Please see the International Students page for more information about the application process.

We encourage you to keep copies of all application materials for your records.

The review committee of K-12 Administration faculty members considers the following in assessing doctoral program applications:

  • Experience with and potential for educational leadership, outreach, research and scholarship
  • Strength of professional background and academic record
  • Skills in analysis and written expression
  • Alignment of professional goals with the purposes and objectives of the doctoral program
  • Consistency with Graduate School and College admission requirements

U.S. Residents

U. S. applicants who are already admitted to another graduate study at MSU must submit the Graduate Application for Admission. An application fee and college transcripts of all previous academic work must be submitted with this form.

Transferring from other Michigan State Graduate Programs

Applicants who wish to transfer into the K-12 program from another MSU graduate program not in the Department of Educational Administration must complete a new application, including the Graduate Application for Admission and all supplemental materials to the K-12 Unit. Current students in the Department of Educational Administration looking to transfer to another program within the Department of Educational Administration should consult their faculty advisor and the K-12 Unit Coordinator.

If you would like additional information or have any questions, please contact:

Angela Card, Admissions Secretary

K-12 Educational Administration

Department of Educational Administration
Erickson Hall
620 Farm Lane Rm. 402
East Lansing, MI 48824-1034

Phone: (517) 353-8480 / Fax: (517) 884-1392