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Department of Educational Administration

Master's in Student Affairs Administration

Program Requirements

Requirements for the Student Affairs Administration Master’s Program

In consultation with their advisors, students must complete 40 credits as follows:

  1. Major Courses (25 credits) Course Descriptions
    Course Course Name Credit
    EAD 805 Administration in Higher Education 3
    EAD 870 Foundations of Post secondary Education 3
    EAD 871 Collegiate Contexts for Teaching and Learning 3
    EAD 873 College Student Development 3
    EAD 874 Introduction to Student Affairs 3
    EAD 875 Issues and Strategies in Student Affairs 3
    EAD 889 Research and Assessment in Student Affairs 3
    EAD 893 Professional Development Seminar in Student Affairs 1
  2. Support Courses (6-9 credits)
    Choose two or three of the following:
    Course Course Name Credit
    EAD 801 Leadership and Organizational Development 3
    EAD 802 Building a Learning Organization 3
    EAD 860 Concept of a Learning Society 3
    EAD 861 Adult Learning 3
    EAD 863 Training and Professional Development 3
    EAD 864 Adult Career Development 3
    EAD 866 Teaching in Post secondary Education 3
    EAD 872 Legal Issues in Higher Education 3

    Note: While 900-level courses in EAD are encouraged, students may also enroll in support courses in other departments within the university. Students may also complete up to 3 credits in upper division undergraduate courses with the approval of their academic advisor.

  3. Practica

    Students must complete two (2) distinct practicum experiences, each of which is typically 10–12 hours/week for a semester or an equivalent experience during the summer. The practicum provides our students an opportunity to explore career options and gain invaluable professional experience.

  4. Certifying Examination

    Students must successfully complete a certifying examination during the semester they intend to graduate.