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Practicum Information and Experiences

The practicum component of the Master's degree in Student Affairs Administration is designed to give students the opportunity to relate and apply theory to practice and to practice professional behavior in a work setting. 

Every student must complete two distinct placements, each of which is typically 10-12 hours/week for a semester or an equivalent experience during summer.  The practicum experience is a valuable component of the MSU degree, representing significant career exploration, invaluable professional experience, and frequent entrees into employment, either Graduate Assistant or full time. 

The SAA program relies on the generosity of our many practicum supervisors and the quality performance of our students to sustain this essential component of the degree program. Click here for more specific details about requirements, placement, and expectations.

Summer 2016 Practica and Internship Sites

During the summer of 2016, current Student Affairs Administration students participated in a variety of practica experiences with NODA, ACUHO-I, or student/academic affairs units.


Brown University
Clemson University
Community College of Aurora
Michigan State University
Northwestern University
State University of New York at Cortland

Krystle Forbes, 2017 cohort member, at her internship, Programming with Residences at The University of Western Ontario.

University of Connecticut
University of Georgia
University of Maryland - College Park

University of Southern Indiana
Western University - Ontario



Sam Waters and Adriana Diaz, members of the 2017 cohort, at their internship at Southern Indiana.

The Student Experience

The practicum experiences provide rich and diverse learning opportunities for SAA students.

Click here to learn from some students about their practicum experiences at Michigan State University. Click here to read stories about student experiences at other institutions around the world.