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Welcome to the Student Affairs Graduate

Association Family!


On behalf of the Student Affairs Graduate Association (SAGA) and the rest of the Michigan State University Student Affairs Administration (MSUSAA) family, welcome to Michigan State! We are extremely enthusiastic to have you on board and to get to know you!

SAGA is a professional graduate student organization that brings MSUSAA students together in ways that complements our avenues of learning, whether in-class or out-of-class. The Executive Board, which consist of both the incoming and continuing cohorts in the program, is responsible for creating learning opportunities through connecting current students to alumni, providing various professional development opportunities, programming fun social events into the calendar, and engaging in outreach to prospective students. In other words, we exist to serve the students in the program! We are excited to see what next year brings, and I can say with absolute confidence that the 2015-2016 Executive Board is ready to make this coming academic year one to remember. We will be making memories all through out the year, so be sure to attend our weekly meetings and posted events!

Once again, welcome! Come, stay awhile…maybe two years or even more. SAGA will hopefully be one of the many supportive environments you will find at MSU. During your time, you will encounter challenges you have not experienced prior, but you will be surrounded by brilliant, caring professors and students ready to treat you like a member of their family and provide you with resources and tools to be successful. The SAA program is a great environment in which to learn, thrive, and begin a career in student affairs. Congratulations on making such a great choice, and GO GREEN!


Andrew Hua
SAGA President