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Center Visiting Scholars

Joanne V. Creighton, President Emeritus (1996-2010), Mount Holyoke College; Co-founder and President, Women’s Education Worldwide(2011)

Joanne V. Creighton is the Co-founder and President of Women's Education Worldwide (WEW), a new organization bringing together the presidents and chief academic officers of women’s colleges and universities from around the world, together with other leaders in women’s education. The mission of WEW is to share best practices, to collect and disseminate data about women’s colleges, to foster exchange among member institutions, and to advocate for women’s education worldwide. The WEW has held conferences in Dubai (2006), Pavia (2008), Sydney (2010), and (upcoming) Nanjing (2012). Many related activities have spun out of the alliance, including student and faculty exchanges and conferences.

Dr. Cheryl Foxcroft, Senior Director HEADS, and Dr. Nico Jooste, Director, International Programs, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa (2008, 2011)

The Center has had the honor of twice hosting Dr. Foxcroft. In 2008, with her colleagues (Dr. Jooste and four other administrators), Dr. Foxcroft participated in individual meetings with students and meetings with approximately 30 MSU administrators about mutual interests (e.g., student development, out-of-class learning, faculty development, multiculturalism, residential life). In her upcoming visit (March 18-23, 2011), Dr. Foxcroft will again be meeting with MSU students, facutly, and specialists in on-line education. She will also be interacting with the HALE students selected to travel and study at NMMU this summer as part of the HALE study abroad program. As a highlight of her upcoming visit, Dr. Foxcroft will present to the MSU community on the status of education in South Africa.

Dr. David M. Cooper, University of Cape Town, South Africa (2010)

Dr. David M. Cooper has been in the Sociology Department of the University of Cape Town since 1981. He is currently a Fulbright New Century Scholar (2009-2010). He received his Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Birmingham (1982) and a bachelor’s in electrical engineering from University of Cape Town (1970). In addition to his current Fulbright award, Dr. Cooper's funded research has included projects on research groupings at higher education institutions (2000-2004), student and staff trends at South African universities (1988-1998), research program enhancement at historically Black universities (1994-1997), and comparative labour union movements in Western Europe and South Africa (1986-1990).

Dr. Brian Hawkins, Former President, Educause (2009)

Dr. Hawkins is a very experienced higher education leader in the U.S. whose expertise concerns higher education policy issues, changes in the national context, and technology in education. He presented a major public talk, led a seminar, and discussed career issues with graduate students.

Dr. Fred O'Bear (2008)

Dr. Fred O’Bear, University Professor and Chancellor Emeritus of The University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, and former Provost at Oakland University was a special guest lecturer for the Advanced Policy Seminar class.  Dr. O'Bear has served as Acting Vice President for Academic and International Programs for the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) and for seven years led that organization's New President's Academy. He was President of the ACE Council of Fellows and received their 25th Anniversary Service Award as well as served on the Commission on Minorities in Higher Education.

Dr. Margaret Kiley, Australian National University (2008)

This visit by an Australian higher education leader and scholar focused on change and key issues in doctoral education internationally. Dr. Kiley presented a public seminar, met with a number of MSU administrators, and met individually with graduate students.

Dr. Hong Shen, Huazhong University of Science & Technology (2008)

Hong Shen is a Professor of Higher & Comparative Education and of Economic of Education, the Director of the Center for Study on Student Assistance, the Director of the Institute of Economics of Education and the Center for Study on Comparative Education, and Vice Dean of the Graduate School of Education in Huazhong University of Science & Technology (HUST) located in Wuhan, Hubei, China.

Dr. Zhou Zuoyu, Beijing Normal University (2008)

Dr. Zuoyo is a Professor of Higher Education, Dean of the Faculty of Education, and Director of the Leadership Center at Beijing Normal University in Beijing, China. He holds a doctorate from Beijing Normal University, and specializes in issues in Chinese higher education and post-secondary leadership.