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John Medendorp, HALE PhD student

John spent six weeks at Beijing Normal University in cooperation with the faculty of education there. While there John studied scholar recruitments policies implemented by the Chinese government in order to return expatriate Chinese scholars to Chinese institutions. In addition to interacting with faculty and staff of the faculty of education, John interviewed program leaders from the Chinese National Natural Science Foundation, one of the leading sponsors of the scholar recruitment programs.

Rob Shorette, HALE PhD student

Rob's role at IHEP consisted of supporting the strategic planning of IHEP under the Director and providing administrative support for meetings and correspondence. While there Rob provided general support for grant writing, research and production of IHEP publications, compilation of the Pathways to College Network monthly newsletter, preparation of policy briefs, and the production ofsummary documents covering current higher education policy topics. He also prepared policy memos for the Director and other members of the IHEP staff as well as general website maintenance. Rob tracked tracked administrative and legislative actions taken by key higher education stakeholders at the state and federal level.

Melissa Soto, HALE PhD student

Missy secured a 5 week internship at the National Science Foundation (NSF), where she worked the Directorate for Education and Human Resources at the ADVANCE program office. The goal of ADVANCE is to develop systemic approaches to increase the representation and advancement of women in academic science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers.


Hoa Pham, HALE PhD student

Hoa spent 5 weeks in the summer 2010 working with Legal Dept. and Dept. of Higher Education in the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam. During the internship, Ms. Pham studied and experienced policy making procedures both within the ministry and at the national level.

Leslie Jo Shelton, HALE PhD student

Leslie Jo ("LJ") did her internship at the University of British Columbia’s Centre for Policy Studies in Higher Education, where she worked with international scholars, attended seminars on global education, and participated in the Liu Institute for Global Issues master class by completing a paper focused on the campus climate for queer students of color. Her experience led to an independent study on the impact of Canadian human rights policies campus climate for queer-identified students.

Pamela Roy, HALE PhD student

Third year HALE PH.D. student and center intern Pam Roy spent a summer inSouth Africa studying the implications of women in the STEM fields for South African higher education policy. While there she interacted with cross disciplinary academics at research universities, higher education scholars and practitioners in Durban, Cape Town, and Port Elizabeth, personnel in South African governmental and research offices (i.e. US Consulate General, National Research Foundation, and Human Science Research Council), and representatives of STEM oriented organizations such as South African Women in Science and Engineering.


Chris Glass, HALE PhD student

Chris collaborated with the AAC&U Core Commitments project during the summer 2009. His internship involved designing and implementing a research study to help AAC&U learn more about the change strategies that different campuses used to advance this initiative, deepen its impact, and reach more students meaningfully over time. The research study was designed to help make “real” the concrete strategies and promising practices that advance education for personal and social responsibility at different types of institutions.

Jiajun Liu, HALE Masters student

During my summer internship I worked as a Dean Assistant in Vice Dean'soffice, assisting policy-making, personnel management, and student affairs in Qingdao University, China. This experience not only offered me an opportunity to scrutinize issues in Chinese higher education pertinent to gender and policy-making process in a practical way, but also exposed me to the aspects that I would hardly have the chance to realize through books.

Leah Beasley-Wojick, HALE PhD student

Leah Beasley-Wojick spent the summer as a Special Projects Intern at the Pell Institute for Opportunity in Education researching and writing about issues related to access and success for low-income, first-generation and underrepresented students in higher education.


Emily Miller, HALE PhD student

During the summer of 2008 I interned with the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB) in Washington, DC. My experience provided me an opportunity to learn about governing boards outside of journal articles and books. My work focused on designing governing board education workshops and upcoming institutes for presidents and board chairs as well as creating training curriculums for AGB board education consultants. As a field project course, I continue to collaborate with the AGB on a research projects exploring faculty engagement with governing boards. Today, I am involved in a project assessing board policies.

Jeff Grim, SAA Masters student

In the Spring of 2008, I completed an a semester-long internship with the Presidents Council, State Universities of Michigan. After my experience working with students on campus, being an observer of state politics in Michigan, and completing the foundations of higher education course with Dr. Renn, I had a yearning to learn more about macro-issues of higher education, especially those involving governmental relations and public policy. The HALE Center provided me funds for parking and transportation. I am very grateful to have benefited from the HALE Center and I use my knowledge from the internship to interpret issues going on in higher education currently and assist my home campus with town/gown issues. The HALE Center is a great resource, especially for student affairs administration students to gain a greater appreciation and understanding of public policy.