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Applications for internships may be submitted electronically or in print at any time during the fall or spring semester. Applications submitted during summer sessions or winter break will not be considered. Graduate students applying to the Center for funding must submit a proposal no longer than two-pages in length that includes the following information:

  • A description of the proposed internship.
  • How the internship will foster your professional development and how it relates to higher education policy.
  • Timeframe for the internship.
  • A budget (including any matching funds you are seeking or any financial support provided directly by the organization).
  • A brief e-memo from your adviser supporting the application.
  • A description of any other anticipated support for the proposed time period (both the source and amount of support). This should include all forms of support, including any forms of compensation you might be receiving (such as assistantships). Paid compensation arrangements will not affect the decision of the award committee, but may influence the timing of the internship.

Applications should be submitted to:

Dr. James Fairweather

416 Erikson Hall