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Center Speaker Series

Higher Education and U.S.-Sino Relations (April 2012)

Dr. Ma is a Full Professor and Director of the Center for International Higher Education, Graduate School of Education, at Peking University. She received her Masters and PhD from Cornell. She has been a Fulbright New Century Scholar, an Erasmus Mundus professor for the EU Commission, and received the DAAD Fellowship from German government. She has also participated in many international cooperative research projects sponsored by Ford Foundation, UNESCO, UNDP among others. Dr. Ma Wanhua presented on Higher Education and U.S.-Sino Relations.

Reflections on the Changing Academic Profession Survey (April 2012)

Dr. Timo Aarrevaara of the University of Helsinki, reported on results from the Changing Academic Profession Survey, an international survey comparing the attitudes of faculty members to changes in the working conditions affecting the higher education sector around the world. Dr. Aarrevaara looked at the results from several European countries compared to data from the US. He presented results on number of permanent/tenured faculty, the distribution of tasks, and the level of internationalization among faculty members. His presentation manuscript is available here. The video recording will soon follow.

Financing Finnish Higher Education: Equity and Equality Perspectives (March 2012)

Visiting Scholar, Dr. Jussi Kivistö, is Professor of Higher Education Administration at the University of Tampere, Finland, where he also serves as the Director of Research for the Higher Education Group. The presentation slides are available here.

Women’s Education Worldwide: The Unfinished Agenda (April 2011)

Visiting Scholar Joanne V. Creighton is the Co-founder and President of Women's Education Worldwide (WEW), and an advocate for women’s education worldwide.

Status of Education in South Africa (March 2011)

Visiting Scholar, Dr. Cheryl Foxcroft, from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University presented on the status of education in South Africa with emphasis on both the school and college sector.

A Conversation with Terry Hartle (September 2010)

Presented by Terry Hartle, American Council for Education

Higher Education in the South African Context (April 2010)

Issues of ‘Engaged Scholarship’ in South Africa (April 2010)

Presented by Dr. David Cooper, a Fulbright New Century Scholar and a sociologist from the University of Cape Town in South Africa.

Doctoral Education in Australia (April 2009)
Presented by Dr. Margaret Kiley, Australian National University

Cross-Border Collaboration in Higher Education: Partnerships beyond the Classroom (April 2009)
Presented by Dr. David Chapman, Wallace Professor of Education, College of Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota

Shifting Priorities and Floating Hubs: New Initiatives to Strengthen Higher Education in the Developing World (February 2009)
Presented by Dr. David Chapman, Wallace Professor of Education, College of Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota

Round-table Discussions on Student Affairs in South African Higher Education (November 2008)
Presented by Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University visiting administration team

South African Higher Education Issues in the Post-apartheid Period (November 2008)
Presented by Drs. Foxcroft and Jooste, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Workshop on Careers in Higher Education (November 2008)

Higher Education in the Land of Oz (November 2008)
Presented by Dr. Brain Hawkins, Former President, Educause