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Global View Symposium

The purpose of the Global View Symposium is to annually provide a day-long symposium for collegial exchange concerning issues, research, and good practice pertaining to the challenges and opportunities confronting higher education in today’s complex, global environment. Moreover to establish the Center as a resource providing enrichment for MSU and the wider higher education community in the state and region. We anticipate regularly publishing symposium proceedings and materials made available by keynote speakers.

Global View: Promoting Global Learning in Undergraduate Education

November 3, 2010

The first annual Global View symposium, titled “Promoting Global Learning in Undergraduate Education,” featured keynote speaker Dr. Darla Deardorff, Executive Director for the Association of International Education Administrators, and Research Scholar at Duke University, and was moderated by HALE’s own Dr. Ann E. Austin. The well-attended event drew representation from higher education institutions throughout the region interested in internationalizing their undergraduate curricula. The outstanding slate of speakers framed and examined diverse perspectives on global learning in undergraduate education. Recognizing the importance of preparing students for a complex, interrelated world, the presentations and discussions acknowledged the diversity of perspectives concerning intercultural competencies and international, global, and multicultural learning. The symposium complemented and contributed to MSU's ongoing dedication to enhancing global competency in higher education.