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International Study Courses

The Department of Educational Administration is pleased to offer three international study experiences with the support of the Center for Higher and Adult Education.  In each experience, students will have the opportunity to develop knowledge of comparative approaches to the study of higher education and gain professional experiences in the international context.  These international study experiences will be offered on alternating summer sessions between South Africa, Finland, and England.

HALE Mexico City Global Higher Education
The purpose of the Mexico City (México Distrito Federal (D.F.)) global higher education class and experiences is to provide graduate students with an opportunity to understand how local, national, and global forces interact in shaping the higher education landscape in a large Latin American city. While the history, context, and current conditions of higher education in Mexico D.F. are distinct, the process of examining colleges and opportunities in higher education through local, national, and global context is relevant for scholarly, administrative, and policy work around the word. Students both develop a deeper appreciation of higher education in Mexico D.F. but also develop tools useful for conducting comparative and international higher education work anywhere.

HALE Field Experience in South Africa

The purpose of the HALE Field Experience in South Africa is to enable HALE students to link knowledge and skills they are gaining as scholars and practitioners in higher education to actual issues and challenges in the international context. It is designed to be a professional experience for the students, involving collaborative projects with colleagues in South Africa. Much of the experience is focused on students having an opportunity to engage in supervised professional interactions and work. A primary goal is mutual learning -- HALE students and faculty learn about higher education in another country, how to engage in organizational and cultural analysis, and how to relate specific theoretical and content knowledge to actual issues and problems, They practice skills as professionals who can interact with a wide array of colleagues. At the same time, the South African colleagues gain new knowledge and participate in professional development workshops facilitated by MSU student/ faculty teams.

Comparative Approaches to Adult Education in the UK

The overall purpose of this course is to develop knowledge of and skill in comparative approaches to the study of higher and adult education. The course provides an opportunity for all members to become familiar with a comparative analytic framework and to apply this framework experientially within specific areas of higher or adult education that are of interest to them. These areas may include policy, organizational structure, curriculum, and pedagogical practices. Through the study and experience of difference across two countries, participants will engage in a critical and reflexive examination of their professional identity and will closely examine and interrogate the ways in which this identity has been and continues to be constructed.

These goals are addressed through both didactic and experiential components that are intended to augment each other. The didactic component consists of a series of face-to-face seminars at MSU and in our host country, online collaborative study, and self-directed study.

The experiential component consists of a twelve-day study tour during which time we will visit various educational institutions within our host country. During these visits, we will talk with administrators, faculty members, and students. These visits are intended to represent the continuum of educational practice within the host country, but will focus primarily on institutions of higher and adult education. In addition, the experiential component will also involve cultural visits that represent both the tradition and the nature of change within the country.

International Comparative Higher Education in Finland

The Center for Higher and Adult Education is sponsoring an International Comparative Higher Education course (EAD 972) to Finland this year. The course will introduce students to the mechanics of an evolving, ministry-based higher education system. Students will have opportunity to visit the Ministry of Finland, the Academy of Finland, three of the nations top universities, as well as a recent merger, a university of applied sciences, and the Finland Fulbright enter. The course will take place May 20-30. For more more information, consult the course flier and student packet.