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The Center for Higher and Adult Education mission is to further policy and international work in post-secondary education for the 21st century. Our mission is advanced by

  • supporting academic and cultural exchange at the postsecondary level through a fellows and visiting scholar program as well as an intern program for graduate students seeking international or domestic, policy-related experiences studying higher education at Michigan State University;
  • hosting programs and events dedicated to providing forums for intellectual discussions about issues related to both higher education policy and higher education in the global context. 
  • helping to transform the HALE curricula in line with more international, comparative and domestic policy experiences; and
  • assisting HALE faculty at with their post-secondary research and outreach as related to higher education policy both domestically and across the globe.

The Center is supported by a advisory board from the Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education faculty.  The faculty advisory board is responsible for advancing the mission of the Center.