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Florence Rudman Endowed Scholarship in Early Childhood Education

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For admitted students in their 5th year (internship year) planning to do their internship in early childhood education and planning on teaching the K-2 level. Applications should include their ACT or SAT scores, two letters of recommendation from faculty or professionals who have observed the prospective intern's work with young children, and an essay elaborating upon their experiences with, philosophy about, and commitment to teach early childhood education.


About Florence Rudman

Florence Rudman was a kindergarten teacher at Glencairn School in East Lansing, Michigan for most of her career, retiring in 1992. She was a vital force within the classroom, in the school, and in the homes of those she taught. Her students never forgot her; her colleagues came to her for help and advice; the school custodian sought her out as someone who could share his problems and frustrations; young parents came to her for help not only with their children, but help for themselves as wives and husbands.

In 1983, in preparation for her leave at the Gesell Institute at Yale University, Florence Rudman wrote about her philosophy. “I have always viewed my role as a kindergarten teacher as one of a concerned educator whose professional interests and concerns span the entire twelve-year academic program; a program that would impact upon the children I teach. I have always tried to stay abreast of the issues and developments in the specific field of early childhood education while at the same time remaining sensitive to the broader dimension of the educational process.”

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