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General Program Information for Public Disclosure and Use (CORE Standard A.5)

The below information regarding the Master of Arts (MA) Rehabilitation Counseling
Program at Michigan State University (MSU) is intended to provide information to the public on program performance and to foster continuing public awareness and confidence about the high academic quality of our program.

Accreditation Status of the Program

The Michigan State University MA Rehabilitation Counseling Program is fully accredited by the Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE) with a current accreditation cycle of 2013-2021.

Program National Ranking

U.S. News & World Report currently ranks the MSU MA Rehabilitation Counseling Program #1 in the nation.

Institutional Accountability Indicators

Our program meets Michigan State University academic program review accountability indicators including retention and time to graduation of graduate students, placement rates, quality and inclusiveness of entering graduate students, student access to small classes, rankings of graduate programs, research expenditures per faculty FTE, and benefits to people, families, and communities in Michigan from research and outreach and engagement.

Student Enrollment and Retention

The MA Rehabilitation Counseling Program at Michigan State University typically has approximately 25-35 students total enrolled during any given academic year. For the 3 academic years 2010-2011 to 2012-2013, the MSU MA Rehabilitation Counseling Program student retention rate included enrolling and graduating approximately 8-12 students per year.

Time Necessary to Complete the Program

The average time necessary to complete the MSU MA Rehabilitation Counseling Program is 2-3 years depending on whether students complete the program on a full-time or part-time basis.

Cost of Program Attendance

The estimated cost of program tuition and fees is approximately $32,000.

Financial Support

Students are encouraged to seek financial assistance options through the MSU Office of Financial Aid, Graduate School, and College of Education. If funded with a Federal Training Grant, the program may have available partial fellowships for a limited number of students. Students may also seek paid internships near the end of their program.

Below are the links to student financial assistance options, including provisions for financially disadvantaged students, from the websites of the MA Rehabilitation Counseling Program, College of Education, Graduate School, Office of Financial Aid, and Office of Admissions.

• Rehabilitation Counseling
• College of Education
• The Graduate School
• Office of Financial Aid
• Office of Admissions

Employment Rate of Graduates

Typically, over 95% of our program graduates obtain employment in the rehabilitation counseling or a closely related discipline within 6 months of graduation.

Employment Settings Where Graduates Work

Program graduates are employed in a wide variety of practice settings including public vocational rehabilitation programs, community-based, non-profit rehabilitation programs, centers for independent living, private rehabilitation companies, the Veteran’s Administration, mental health centers, university support services for students with disabilities, public school districts, state corrections agencies, and workforce development centers.

Eligibility for Certification and Licensure by Program Graduates

Students who successfully complete and graduate from our program obtain a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from Michigan State University. In addition, our program graduates are fully eligible for national Certification as a Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) and Licensure as a Professional Counselor (LPC) in the State of Michigan.

Passing Rate for Comprehensive Measure of Student Learning

Program requirements include a Master of Arts (MA) Certifying Examination for which students develop a portfolio demonstrating their learning across all CORE knowledge domains covered in the standards. The passing rate on the MSU MA Rehabilitation Counseling Program Certifying Examination is 100% for the 3 academic years 2010-2011 to 2012-2013.