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Research Projects

Promoting Rigorous Outcomes in Mathematics and Science Education (PROM/SE)

The $35 million PROM/SE (Promoting Rigorous Outcomes in Mathematics and Science Education) project is an effort to improve K-12 teaching and learning in mathematics and science through partnerships currently involving approximately 30 school districts in Michigan and Ohio. Faculty from the Michigan State University colleges of Education and Natural Science, led by William Schmidt, will continue to analyze data and share findings with schools through 2011.

Michigan Consortium for Educational Research

The Michigan Consortium for Education Research (MCER) is a partnership between Michigan State University, University of Michigan and the Michigan Department of Education focused on answering education policy questions through high-quality research. Currently, MSU College of Education scholars Barbara Schneider and Ken Frank are collaborating with colleagues at UM to assess two major high school reforms: the Michigan Merit Curriculum and the Michigan Promise Scholarship. The team has a $5.9 million federal grant to study how the policy initiatives have affected student outcomes.

Constructing Value-Added Indicators of Teacher and School Effectiveness We Can Trust

MSU researchers Cassie Guarino, Mark Reckase and Jeff Wooldridge has a federal grant to evaluate and identify which commonly-used value-added models (VAMs) accurately estimate the effects of teachers, schools and instructional practices. They plan to apply new tools for checking and improving the validity of VAMs and, ultimately, develop national guidelines for dissemination.

Center for Advancing Research and Communication (ARC) in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

ARC supports National Science Foundation-funded education research projects in the STEM disciplines by offering technical assistance to investigators and communicating their findings to a larger audience. Michigan State University Professor Barbara Schneider is principal investigator of the center, which is based at the University of Chicago.