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MQM Forms

Required Forms and Documents

The following forms, guidelines, packets et al. are available for download from the College of Education Forms page. Access forms from the COE Forms page to ensure you are dowloading the most current version of the form.


          GradPlan: Guidance Committee membership & Ph.D. Degree Plan (program plan)      

Research Practicum: 995

Dissertation Proposal Approval

Dissertation proposal is heard by student's guidance committee. Must have included date proposal was sent to UCRIHS office if involving human subject.

Dissertation Director Approval

Students set up dissertation committee after successfully defending their dissertation proposal.

Notice of Doctoral Dissertation Oral Examination

Filed when student is ready to defend. No deadline but ideally 1-2 weeks before defense date.

Record of Dissertation and Oral Examination Requirements for Doctoral Degree Candidate

Defense of orals form. Completed by committee at student's defense. Student must be enrolled for at least 1 (one) credit during semester of defense.

Request for Extension of Time to Complete Degree Requirements

Extension must be applied for and approved if student fails to meet final Ph.D. requirements within 8 years.

Measurement and Quantitative Methods Course Waiver Form

  • You may request that a doctoral-level course offered by the MQM program be waived because you have completed recently a commensurate course.
    A syllabus and official transcript for each course asked to be waived is necessary. A passing grade (i.e., C or above) should be reported in the official transcript for the specific course (or courses) that the student asks to waive.
  • If the course waiver is granted, you will not receive course credits for the course waived, but will be allowed to enroll in courses for which the waived course is a prerequisite. The credit hours of waived courses do not contribute to your earned credit hours required for graduation.

Examination-Evaluation Forms

The following forms pertain to examination and evaluation procedures and are available for download. Please select the appropriate format and click on the link.

Examination Dates

Fall Comprehensive Exam Dates: Aug 27-29, 2018; Aug 26-28, 2019; Aug 24-26, 2020; Aug 30-Sept 1, 2021.

Spring Comprehensive Exam Dates: Jan 14-16, 2019; Jan 6-8, 2020; Jan 11-13, 2021; Jan  10-12,  2022.

Preliminary Exam Dates:  Aug 27, 2018; Aug 26, 2019; Aug 24, 2020; Aug 30, 2021.


Credit Evaluation For Graduate Programs

Form to be used for evaluation of graduate credit completed at another accredited institution.

Preliminary Examination Application

Form to be completed a few months prior to the examination.

Preliminary Examination Policies & Procedures for PhD degree

Complete and submit with application.

Research Apprenticeship Form

To be signed by apprenticeship committee members, after presentation. Most students perform additional tasks to improve the quality of the final paper.

Comprehensive Examination Application Form

Annual Review Form

An annual review of each student's academic/professional development. The annual review gives the student and the program an opportunity to reflect upon the student's strengths, weaknesses, and needed areas for professional growth. Conducted by the MQM faculty. Click Here.


Policy and Guidelines

The following documents help to familiarize yourself with the examination, evaluation and graduation procedures. Most are available for download from the department website.

Preliminary Examination Guidelines

To familiarize yourself with the examination and the examination process. This Word document contains an FAQ about the Preliminary Examination policies, the questions for which you will write answers, and the scoring criteria.

Apprenticeship Policy

Details regarding the Research Apprenticeship Project.

Comprehensive Examination Policy

Details and Guidelines regarding the Comprehensive Examinations.

Academic Honesty and Ethical Principles and Practices

Comprehensive Examination Ethical Principles. Word | PDF

Example Papers-Scoring Rubrics

The following documents are examples of past papers and scoring rubrics available for download. Please select the appropriate format and click on the link.

Scoring Rubric

The faculty creates a rubric for scoring examination responses to the article chosen each year. Word | PDF

Keogh Rubric

Rubric Example Word | PDF

Keogh Response

Response Example Word | PDF

Guthrie Rubric

Another Rubric Example. Word | PDF

Guthrie Response

Another Response Example. Word | PDF

Practicum Paper Example

Example student papers: Linda Chard. Word | PDF

Practicum Paper Example

Example student papers: Kevin Joldersma. Word | PDF

Suggested Reading List

Statistics. Word | PDF

Suggested Reading List

Measurement. Word | PDF

Comprehensive Exams-Past Years

The following documents are examples of comprehensive exams from past years available for download. Please select the appropriate format and click on the link.


Measurement Major:

Example 1

 Measurement Major Days 1 & 2 Word | PDF

Example 2

 Measurement Major Days 1 & 2 Word | PDF

Statistics Major:

Example 1

 Statistics Major Days 1 & 2 Word | PDF

Example 2

 Statistics Major Days 1 & 2 Word | PDF

Measurement Minor:

Example 1

Measurement Minor Word | PDF

Example 2

Measurement Minor Word | PDF

Statistics Minor:

Example 1

Statistics Minor Word | PDF

Example 2

Statistics Minor Word | PDF



The following documents and links are IMPORTANT in the Doctoral process. Please click on the appropriate format to download the document, OR click on the appropriate link to be re-directed to the appropriate website.