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Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology & Special Education

Master of Arts in Rehabilitation

Master of Arts (MA) Rehabilitation Counseling Program

The program is available only under Plan B (without thesis). The student must complete a total of 48 credits distributed as follows:


Course Credit Hours
1. Counseling Core. All of the following courses: 9
CEP 861 Counseling, Theory, Philosophy, & Ethics 3
CEP 862 Introduction to Individual & Group Counseling 3
CEP 864 Career Counseling 3
2. Rehabilitation Counseling Core. All of the following courses: 18
CEP 868 Medical Aspects of Disability 3
CEP 870 Foundations of Rehabilitation Counseling 3
CEP 871 Cognitive & Psychological Aspects of Disability 3
CEP 872 Social & Environmental Aspects of Rehabilitation 3
CEP 873 Employment Strategies for Individuals with Disabilities 3
CEP 876 Professional Issues in Rehabilitation Counseling 3
3. Research and Evaluation. Both of the following courses 6
CEP 822 Approaches to Educational Research 3
CEP 877 Assessment in Rehabilitation 3
4. Practicum and Internship. Both of the following courses: 15
CEP 894A Rehabilitation Counseling Practicum 6
CEP 893A Rehabilitation Counseling Internship 9


*Field placements must be approved by the department.