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Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology & Special Education

Master of Arts in Rehabilitation

Planning Your Program

The following information is provided to assist students in developing their plans for their graduate programs. In addition, students should also visit the MSU Office of the Registrar Home Page for more information on courses, course fees, and scheduling.

Master of Arts (MA) Rehabilitation Counseling Program

Overview of Program Requirements


Rehabilitation counseling candidates must complete a minimum of 48 credits under Plan B (without thesis). This includes 9 credit hours of professional courses in counseling, 18 credit hours of rehabilitation counseling core courses, 6 credit hours in research and evaluation, and 15 credit hours of practicum and internship. The program requires 2 to 3 years of academic work including summer session. Students may pursue study on a part-time basis; however, these students usually take 3 to 4 years to complete the program. In addition, students must submit a program portfolio that serves as the MA Certifying Exam at the end of their coursework in order to be eligible for graduation.


Course Credit Hours
1. Counseling Core. All of the following courses:  9
CEP 861 Counseling, Theory, Philosophy, & Ethics 3
CEP 862 Introduction to Individual & Group Counseling 3
CEP 864 Career Counseling 3
2. Rehabilitation Counseling Core. All of the following courses: 18
CEP 868 Medical Aspects of Disability 3
CEP 870 Foundations of Rehabilitation Counseling 3
CEP 871 Cognitive & Psychological Aspects of Disability 3
CEP 872 Social & Environmental Aspects of Rehabilitation 3
CEP 873 Employment Strategies for Individuals with Disabilities 3
CEP 876 Professional Issues in Rehabilitation Counseling 3
3. Research and Evaluation. Both of the following courses 6
CEP 822 Approaches to Educational Research 3
CEP 877 Assessment in Rehabilitation 3
4. Practicum and Internship. Both of the following courses: 15
CEP 894A Rehabilitation Counseling Practicum 6
CEP 893A Rehabilitation Counseling Internship 9


*Field placements must be approved by the department.