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Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology & Special Education

Measurement & Quantitative Methods

Meet the MQM Graduate Students & Alumni

We have a large and diverse group of doctoral students in MQM. Some of those students have a background in education, but several students have expertise in other fields (e.g., psychology, sociology, economics, kinesiology, business & marketing). The following tabs describe some of our students. Feel free to contact them if you are interested in their work or would like more information about what it is like to be in the MQM program at MSU.


Cheng-Hsien Li
Cheng-Hsien Li
Our faculty members are knowledgeable experts in their respective fields, such as multidimensional IRT, latent variable modeling, and multilevel modeling. Students in our MQM program have opportunities to work as a teaching assistant and research assistant with our faculty members. Some students even have the experience of working with professors ... ... read more


Current Students


Akaeze, Hope

Cheng, Yi-Ling      

Chang, Chi
Chen, Tingqiao
Gonulates, Emre
Guo, Siwen
Ham, Eun
Jess, Nicole
Ju, Unhee
Kilbride, Tara
Kim, Sewon

Lee, Chun-Lung

Li, Chen-Hsien
Li, Tatyana

Li, Tenglong

Liu, Yuqing
Luo, Xin
Ma, Li
Maier, Adam
Mao, Liyang

Mo, Ya

Quisenberry, Brooke

Reyes-Gastelum, David
Saw, Guan Kung

Shen, Ting

Smart, Francis C.
Tong, Bing
Traynor, Anne
Uygun, Nazli
Viger, Steven Guy
Wang, Keyin
Xu, Jing-Ru

Xu, Ran                                     

Yang, Lihong
Zhang, Jiahui
Zhang, Mingcai



Nicholas D. Myers
University of Miami
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Soyeon Ahn
Assiatant Professor University of Miami
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Qiu Wang
Assistant Professor, Purdue University
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Hilda Omae
Assistant Professor, Strathmore University

Wei He is working as a psychometrician at the Northwest Evaluation Association in Portland, Oregon.

Yang Lu was hired as a psychometrician at ACT, Inc. in Iowa City, Iowa.

Qi Diao, Research Scientist at CTB/McGraw-Hill

Yasuo Miyazaki
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Akihito Kamata

Wei Pan

Meng-Jia Wu
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Michael Rodriquez
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Rafa Kasim

Sema Kalaian

Xiaofeng Liu
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Joseph Martineau