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Records Policies

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The Program maintains records documenting each student's progress through the PhD program. These records, which are maintained in the advisor's files, include the Program Plan, Comprehensive Exam Completion form, apprenticeship/practicum evaluations, portions of the original application to the program, and other materials deemed necessary. Additionally, to facilitate student advising, advisors may keep such items as their advisees' grade transcripts and comprehensive exam responses. All student records are kept in secure filing cabinets or private offices to protect students' privacy and confidentiality; only Program faculty and staff have access to this material.

Students may request to examine their own files; such a request should be directed to the student's advisor or the Program Director. The only material that will be withheld is that which the student has waived his or her right to examine, e.g., confidential reference letters. (Other than the latter, files generally only contain records of which students already possess copies.) Once students graduate, a permanent file is maintained by the Program which, among other things, may assist in documentation for future credentialing.

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