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Measurement & Quantitative Methods

Grievance Procedures

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During graduate study at MSU, a student may wish to register concerns, complaints, or grievances with the administration of the Program, Department, College, or University. Whenever possible, it is our hope to handle these concerns in an informal and timely manner. As soon as a question or concern is raised, the student should contact the Program Director and/or Department Chairperson. Depending on the nature of the concern, the matter may be resolved through informal negotiation and contact with the involved parties. However, if the concern or complaint is of a more serious nature and/or the student is not satisfied with the resolution determined via these informal discussions and actions, the student may need to file a formal complaint with the Department.

Students should consult the Graduate Students Rights and Responsibilities guidelines to evaluate the viability of filing a formal grievance. A copy of this document can be obtained from the Graduate School or University Ombudsman's Office, and can also be found on the web at  At any point during this process, students may contact the Ombudsman's Office for advice, guidance or assistance regarding their concerns. 

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