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Support Your College

Our alumni and friends are an important component of what makes the Michigan State University College of Education as extraordinary as it is today. They advance the good in uncommon ways by transforming urban classrooms and using technology to assess the brain and body connection. They inspire change in their alma mater as well, dedicating their time, resources and innovation to Erickson Hall and IM Circle.

As part of the ranks of College of Education alumni, we invite you to become and remain Spartan Loyal. This is part of new and exciting changes to the Michigan State University Alumni Association (MSUAA) membership programs: As of July 1, 2016, the dues required for membership will be eliminated. Going forward, all alumni will be considered part of the Alumni Family and will receive the basic level of services from the MSUAA without the annual fees.

Become Spartan Loyal today by giving to the College of Education.

Help Support the Future

The College of Education aims to support and enrich the work of the students, alumni, faculty and staff who call it home. With your loyalty and assistance, advances can be made to improve the lives of Spartans for many generations to come.

In the past, for MSUAA members, a portion of your dues came to our college to help our students, faculty and alumni programs. Under this change to the membership program, we will no longer receive these funds from the MSUAA. We encourage you to become Spartan Loyal by making a minimum contribution of $100 per year directly to the College of Education to help support our students and our future endeavors. You can become Spartan Loyal in a number of ways, including:

  • Making a gift online
  • Responding to an appeal sent to you in the mail
  • Answering the phone and making a gift when our students call
  • Supporting a CrowdPower project
  • Contacting a development officer to discuss further options

More Information about Giving


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Alumni Relations
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