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MSU Disciplinary Minors for Elementary Teacher Certification

Fall 2010 freshmen (and beyond) must choose an integrated elementary teaching major. Minors can be added to the major but they are considered extra and optional. This curricular change is based on changes mandated by the Michigan Department of Education. Students can apply to add optional minors on the Reply Form they submit after being admitted to the Teacher Preparation Program. To become certified in the minor area, students must complete all required coursework and pass the corresponding MTTC.

Please check footnotes (below) for important information about some minors.

Arabic 20
Chinese 24
Early Childhood - General and Special Education4,5 26
French  21
German 24
Japanese 24
Mathematics - Elementary 20
Spanish - Elementary  21
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)1,2,3 20-25

1. Admission to this teaching minor may be space-limited.

2. Students should plan to take TE 494 during the senior year (concurrent with senior-level TE courses). Field placement is arranged; course is online. To enroll, the online TESOL Project Agreement Form must be completed.

3.  As an alternative to LLT 361(Second and Foreign Language Learning) elementary education students may take LLT 362 (Child Second Language Learning).

4. Completion of the teaching minor leads to the “ZS” endorsement on an elementary teaching certificate and qualifies the certificate holder to teach PreK-K.

5. Coursework for the teaching minor can be completed (1) through a degree in Child Development (following “track one” which leads to elementary teacher certification and requires admission to the teacher preparation program), or (2) through a degree in Education or Special Education with Early Childhood - General and Special Education as an “additional major.”