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Online Programs

The College of Education offers online master’s degree programs for students who want to pursue advanced professional study through the convenience of distance learning, whether they live in Michigan, elsewhere in the United States or outside the U.S. 

These high-quality programs provide in-depth study in each educational field, as well as opportunities to explore broader topics. Courses are rigorous and highly interactive, allowing students to engage with expert faculty members and classmates all over the world.

Academic Programs List

Master of Arts in Education (MAED)

All-College of Education Program To Program

The online MA in education is for classroom teachers, school administrators, coaches or adult educators who want to enhance their professional practice while building on their prior professional experience and engaging in a dynamic online community. The program has six concentration areas: Literacy Education, P-16 School Leadership, Science and Mathematics Education, Special Education, Technology and Learning, and Sport Leadership and Coaching.

Coordinator: John M. Dirkx
Contact: (517) 355-1825

Health Professions Education

College of Education / College of Osteopathic Medicine To Program

This completely online program is designed for experienced health practitioners who are seeking advanced professional knowledge needed for roles as academic leaders and faculty in their fields. The program combines two essential bodies of knowledge: teaching, learning and assessment, delivered by the College of Education; and health policy and administration, delivered by the College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Coordinator: Gillian Bice, Ph.D., M.A.
Contact: 517-432-7083

Master of Arts in Educational Technology (MAET)

College of Education To Program

The online master's program, which also is available on campus and overseas, prepares teachers, administrators and other educational professionals for the thoughtful use of technologies to support teaching and learning in a range of educational environments. The program draws on current theories of learning and development to understand the role of technology in learning and instruction.

*A three-course certificate program in educational technology is also available online and in many off-campus locations.

Educational Psychology and Educational Technology (EPET) Hybrid

Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Special Education To Program

The EPET hybrid doctoral program is a substantially online option in the educational technology emphasis area. This blended program is designed for experienced education professionals currently employed in schools, higher education and research institutions who want to earn a Ph.D. while continuing in their current positions. The goal is to develop the next generation of educational leaders who understand the need to create new technologically sound pedagogies grounded in innovative research and practice.

Program Co-Director: Cary Roseth
Contact: (517) 432-0454

Program Co-Director: Kelly Mix
Contact: (517) 432-1817

Higher, Adult and Lifelong Education (HALE)

Department of Educational Administration To Program

The online HALE master's program, which also is available on campus, is for individuals who are working in or wish to move into roles in higher and adult education, including administration, continuing professional development, or teaching. The program develops understanding of central issues in postsecondary teaching and learning, and a theoretical understanding of administration and leadership connected to practice.

Master of Arts in Teaching and Curriculum (MATC)

Department of Teacher Education To Program

The online Master's Program in Teaching and Curriculum (MATC) is designed for beginning and experienced teachers who are deeply committed to public education and teaching diverse P-12 students. The program helps students engage in critical inquiry, develop as accomplished teachers and become teacher leaders. Participation requires a dual commitment to teachers' and students’ learning.

Master of Arts in Special Education

Department of Counseling Educational Psychology, and Special Education (CEPSE) To Program

The online master's degree program in special education – which can lead to recommendation for teaching endorsements in Learning Disabilities or Autism Spectrum Disorders – is designed for K-12 teachers who plan to be involved in the education of students with disabilities. Students will learn research-validated instructional methods and evidence-based practices and will have opportunities to apply those methods in authentic classroom contexts to become highly skilled practitioners.

*A six-course certificate program in Applied Behavior Analysis is also available online. The Graduate Certificate Program in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) will provide working professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to become a behavior analyst.