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Zhao honored for making international impact

Yong Zhao

University Distinguished Professor Yong Zhao was recently honored for his work by the Office of Chinese Language Council International (also known as Hanban).  He was recognized for his distinguished contributions and service in promoting Chinese education through technology.  

Zhao, a professor of educational psychology, directs both the Center for Technology and Teaching and the U.S.-China Center at MSU.  He has developed numerous network-based learning environments and educational Web sites.

As the executive director of the newly established Confucius Institute at MSU's College of Education, Zhao has channeled his passion for international respect and unity into online Chinese language courses that combine the best of Eastern and Western educational models.  Specifically, he hopes to prepare children for a more international future.

"Globalization means people are in closer contact with each other," Zhao said.  "If we don't learn to live together as one people, we are harming our children."

Zhao is also currently involved with several research projects, including analyzing the social construction of technology adoption in schools, designing an online literacy program and studying the cognitive effects of computer-mediated learning communities. Hanban is an organization funded by the Chinese government that seeks to promote the Chinese language.  It works with institutions worldwide to provide support and leadership in teaching Chinese as a foreign language.