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College of Education Seed Grant Program
Call for Proposals - current competition closed

The College of Education’s Office of Research Administration (ORA) has funds to support projects that are likely to lead to larger funded projects. The goal of the “seed” grants is to enable CED faculty to develop research grant proposals and to increase their likelihood of successfully competing for research funds.

Only tenure-stream faculty members, or faculty with fixed term, multi-year appointments, who have not had an in-house award from the Office of Research Administration since the funding cycle that ended June 30, 2017 are eligible. Funds may be used for such things as: travel to collect pilot data, data collection, data transcription, data analysis, subject pay, hiring a consultant, a graduate assistantship, or generating background information. Do not include overhead (indirect) costs on the budget.

Funds may not be used for faculty salary (academic year nor summer), conference travel or other travel to present the results of research.

Awards vary in amount, depending on the researcher’s plans and needs as well as the Review Committee’s assessment of the proposals. Some awards might be as modest as $1,000; others may reach an upper limit of about $7,500. Funds awarded must be spent by the end of the award period. This award cycle is for fiscal period ending 6/30/2021. Awards will be contingent on availability of funds.

Proposals are to be submitted via e-mail to as a single Word or pdf attachment.  Proposals are due by 5 p.m. on Monday, December 9, 2019Awards will be announced shortly thereafter.  Applications (maximum of ten double spaced pages) should describe the following:

  • A statement of the research problem you plan to address and why it is significant to theory, to practice, or to both;
  • A description of, and rationale for, the study you plan to conduct to address that problem;
  • The research activities you seek funding for, the specific outcomes, benefits, or products that will come from the work that the Seed Grant will fund, and how the activities you pursue with the Seed Grant funding will contribute to the quality of the proposal you eventually plan to write;
  • A description of the external grant award you expect to seek as a result of this assistance (e.g., a proposal to NSF, a subcontract on a proposal to NIH, etc.) and the due date for this application, if there is one;

The Application should not exceed ten double-spaced pages (font size 12 or larger, with 1” margins), excluding references. A two-page vita, budget, and brief budget narrative of approximately one paragraph are also requested. (The vita, budget page, and references are not counted as part of the ten page application.) No appendices are allowed. Applications will be reviewed by peers from within the College. Reviewers will consider the merits of your proposed research, the likelihood that the seed grant will lead to external funding, and the extent to which you have already received assistance from the college (the intent is to ensure wide access to this award). If new faculty are applying and have start-up funds available, please indicate why this award is needed in addition to the start-up funds.

Seed Grant Award Recipients 2019-2020


Chris Kuenze: $5,020

Development of a Novel Mobile Application to Promote Physical Activity among Patients following Knee Surgery

David Ferguson: $7,500

Maternal Physical Activity Can Offset Cardiovascular Impairment Caused by Growth Restriction