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Major Reports

Title Authors Publication Date
Educating Michigan's Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Executive Summary Ferreri, Summer, and Bolt, Sara 2011092011
Educating Michigan's Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): An Initial Exploration of Programming Ferreri, Summer, and Bolt, Sara 2011092011
Exploring the relationship between content coverage and achievement: Unpacking the meaning of tracking in eighth grade mathematics Schmidt, William H. 2009002009
Equality in educational opportunity: A myth or reality in U.S. schooling Schmidt, W., Organic, L., Houang, R. and McKnight, C..  2009002009
Coherent, Instructionally-Focused District Leadership: Toward A Theoretical Account Thompson, Charles L., Gary Sykes and Linda Skrla 200806June 2008
Investing in Michigan's Future: Meeting the Early Childhood Challenge Schweinhart, Lawrence J. and Rachel Fulcher-Dawson 200810October 2008
Adequacy, Equity and Capital Spending in Michigan Schools The Unfinished Business of Proposal A Arsen, David, Tom Clay, Thomas Davis, Thomas Devaney, Rachel Fulcher-Dawson and David N. Plank 200805May 2008
Public Policy and Teacher Labor Markets: What we know and why it matters Loeb, Susanna and Michelle Reininger 200404April 2004
Michigan School Finance Under Proposal A: State Control, Local Consequences Arsen, David and David N. Plank 200311November 2003
Meeting the accountability challenge: A handbook for Michigan educators. Education Policy Center at Michigan State University 200209September 2002
School Choice Policies in Michigan: The Rules Matter Arsen, David, David Plank and Gary Sykes 199910October 1999